The humans run their lives as ordinary humans do, however, constant news reports of murderous villains on the rampage have left them somewhat defenseless. The knowledge of monstrous creatures roaming the streets of Kyoto has left them with only one option which was to combat the dangers before them. However, only handfuls have found a life living among the creatures while others have yet to realize their true hidden identities.


Kyoto’s government funded an organization known as the CCG (Commission of Counter Ghoul) which is a federal organization that serves to protect the human race and exterminate these creatures with special weapons while trying to do so in the shadows of society. They came to realize that typical man-made weapons were useless against them and so they hired a laboratory to fabricate modified weapons to vanquish the evil that threatens their existence.These weapons are knowns as Quinques which are the embodiment of a ghoul’s Kagune. They are manufactured from a pre-existing ghoul’s Kakuhou which emits electrical signals to stimulate and release in order to be controlled by the wielder. They come in various shapes and sizes and even contain unique abilities, appearing from actual weapons to armor and so forth. However all CCG investigators are required to undergo extensive training exercises in order to wield such weapons and so they begin in the Academy, before being admitted to CCG Rank 2. Only CCG Rank 2 and above can wield Quinques which are submitted to them in suitcases upon engaging battle. CCG Rank 3 investigators are equipped with a new type of recently discovered and manufactured Quinques, that are able to evolve to better suit their needs. However, they are known to have a limit of 3 forms, the last being the strongest.